About Us

In 1984, New York Vanity Manufacturing Company, Inc was founded in a small 1,200 square foot store front in Jamaica Queens. We started by manufacturing quality cabinets at affordable prices. As the company grew we were able to introduce high-end quality cabinetry. With technological advances and JIT manufacturing principles we were able to produce cabinets on a per order basis. Basically this means that we build your cabinet specifically for you. Through the years New York Vanity has grown and has introduced many different product lines. We are now located in an 30,000 square foot facility in Freeport, NY. What was once a small cabinet shop has matured into a high tech production factory. Although we have changed many of the ways we produce cabinets the principles on which the company was founded remain the same, and are emphasized now more than ever.

1* Service          2* Quality           3* Value

Every employee in our factory believes in these principles and works as a team to try and achieve them. All of our products are manufactured right here in Nassau County, NY. We control the quality, we control the service, and we know you will be pleased.